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Day 6

1.5M 21:39. No stopping. Without 10 min of warm up and cool down.


Day 3

Woke up at 445 feeling crampy cause of the period and sleepy because of the work dreams and told myself I wasn’t going. At 510 got up and put my sneakers on. Got good time on my fun segments – 11 min and decent time on the walks – 16. Covered the same distance as day 1 with the bookends 2.16. A little longer as its 2.15 on monday. Takes me 15 to cool down so laying here now but did 10 pushups and one round of my Carlos ab set and really struggled through it. Doing that after every run but not adding any other strength training yet.

Day 1

Ran in providence. Always easier to workout out of town. Last 4 were challenging. 5 actually. That’s good to know. Next workout is Thursday.

Doing this for me. Good health. Good energy.

Thought I was too tired to go. I went. In the rain. What.

Today’s learning – pasta for lunch is a mistake.  Any kind of pasta – italian or Thai – does nothing to stave off hunger.  I’m totally shocked.  It’s 2:30.  I had lunch two hours ago and I’m starving.  I hate to think about what all of that sugar is doing to my body other than making me hungry.  I’ll run some of it off later.  I got home late and sad yesterday so I didn’t do any working out.  I’m ok with that because I’m learning to actually tell the difference between excuses and things I can actually do.  So I’ll go tonight after work.  Haven’t decided when because there is dinner to cook in there, too.  Maybe later because I still have to marinate the meat.  And maybe I’ll do brown rice instead of potatoes because I can use the sauce from the meat.  Lovely little aha moments.  I ordered new pots and pans today, which I’m really excited about.  I have been saving my spirit points for the longest as I wanted to do something for myself with them but make sure it was something I needed, too.  Well, I need new pots.  And new dishes but we can start there.  I need to clean those cabinets out but this will be a fresh start on cooking and preparing good meals for myself.  I’m looking forward to it.  But I’m still hungry.  Going to find an appropriate snack.

August Day 2

It’s really a Murphy’s law kind of day.  Or rolling 24 hours.  Lots of things have gone wrong.  Not much that I planned for went right.  But it be’s like that sometimes.  I can work with what I have left of today.  Have work that I can and will get finished.  I really am worried about my performance in my new role.  Adjusting to all of this “down” time – or redefining down time is really hard.  Harder than I thought.  Cause there is plenty to do.  And I really want to be good at it but I’ve been less than focused.  So I’m still looking for ways to combat that.  This NY thing might be one of them.  I like it here.  It’s focused but not lonely.  And there are cute guys to look at.

So the whole be good to yourself and others month isn’t off to a bad start.  I only went over my calories by 50 yesterday.  And if I add the 20 minute walk in the 90 degree weather, I probably was closer to good than I realize.  I spent time with a friend yesterday.  A friend.  Got my run in.  Made a Quiche that will get me through breakfast all week – and actually tasted really good and did some grocery shopping that should do me well, too.  So overall good day, I guess and on topic.  I am going to do some strength training when I get home.  I feel like I need to stress relieve a little – and I’m getting up to run tomorrow morning.  House still looks good so I’ll do some minor upkeep tonight and should keep it in good status.  Feeling much better than I did a half hour ago.  Look at what some carbs and some caffeine do for you.  I’m off to salvage my work reputation.

Monday Refreshed

Got up and out this morning – did 1.5 miles, run .25, walk .25, repeat – and felt really good about it.  It’s an easy run with lots of rest but it’s still a good accomplishment. 

I’ve made some good starts coming into August.  Got the house into good shape.  There are probably 4 or so hours left of work to do to make it perfect.  But it always surprises me how little time it takes to really get things into good shape.  Car is next and then we’ll be in good shape really.  Having a clean house usually highlights how empty it is to me but I’m going to try to reshape that this time.  It’s easier for me to get up and out in the morning, prepare good food, and remain organized in other parts of my life when it’s clean.  It’s one less thing that hangs over me as needing to be done.  I’m going to try to keep it a positive right now. 

August seems a good time for renewal.  I want to make it my own personal Ramadan.  Reconnect with the spirit that drives the world.  Reconnect with my friends and family.  Apply some discipline to my personal life.  I don’t want to disrespect the actual holy month by calling my journey that but I am inspired by the tenets and think they can be observed with the best of intentions.   

Today should be a good day overall.  I have a lot to get done today and some great things happening in the close.  I’ll be notating thoughts every day in this month.  Until tomorrow.


What did I learn this week?  I cannot stay up all night all weekend and expect to be productive on Monday.  And I really have to be productive on Mondays.  I have a very new and precarious situation on my hands and can’t really afford to be checked out.  It’s also hell on the workout.  Had a rough day yesterday – tired and completely distracted – but I got up before the end of the day and did the run that I missed this weekend.  It was decent.  Really cool out because it had been raining all day.  I was reading in my 09 journal about running a 13, 3, 13, 3, 8 to finish 3 miles and was really interested in getting back there.  I know it’s a process but I’m going to get back on schedule this week.  Which means that I have to run today and tomorrow to be able to pick up the Friday run.  I’m also interested in how to fit the weight portion in but as always, my priority is the run.  It always feels so good to finish so I’m trying to remember that as I put myself together every day.

Week 2

After a weekend of complete indulgence, it’s back to work.  I weighed in this morning at 186.2, which is .4 higher than my new low and fairly amazing.  I stopped tracking for weight loss probably a month ago and haven’t lost anymore but I haven’t gained either.  There are differences in my body but the weight is the same.  So my plan is to take these next three weeks that I have in town and focus.  Really focus.  Track the calories to hit a 10 lb weight loss.  I am working on the 5 k training.  I missed my first long run but that’s my fault.  I am going to have to commit to getting it in on Friday because the weekend always becomes a wash.  I don’t think this weekend will be like last weekend, but we’ll see.  As much cardio as I do, I won’t look as good as I can because the muscles will be neglected.  I need to go to class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  It’s not going to be easy because it’s going to take time to get used to.  The getting up in the morning and the fatigue will be really good reasons to stop.  I didn’t get up this morning.  And I don’t feel bad about it.  I’m sitting here exhausted now.   I slept for 2 hours on Friday night/Saturday morning and was up on Saturday night until 4?  I got a nap in yesterday but it wasn’t enough to recharge the way that I would have liked.  I’ll pay for it tonight and in class tomorrow but that’s what happens when you’re lazy.  Or indulgent. 

The other thing I have is a little personal house work.  Things are technically clean but all over the place.  The kitchen is officially understocked and outdated.  The office is a mess.  I have double the clothes that I need.  I need to lock down the rest of the year budgets and methods.  And I will.  After I lock down the work I need to do in this new job.  Going to have a great great day.

Friday Morning

I did not run this morning.  I wasn’t technically supposed to but in anticipation of some Thursday or Friday night activities, I plan to take Friday morning where it is available.  I actually got in at a reasonable time on Thursday night but spent three hours on the phone.  So no running.  Didn’t do my pushups either.  So early early tomorrow morning I”ll go out.  It’s going to be 100 degrees for the next two days so the early early is paramount.  I might try to do Brookdale for a change of pace.  But it’s an easy run.  A mile with quarter mile intervals.  I can do my pushups in the park.  Foodwise, I think I’ve bee aiight.  Not great, but not bad.  But I can’t find my scale.  But I look great in this dress.  So something is working.  On to tomorrow.